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Sudden Expense Solutions: Money Management 101

How Does a Bail Bond Work?

by Travis Jordan

If you know someone who is stuck behind bars while they await trial, you may decide to use a bail bonds service. But, it can be confusing understanding how this works when it's your first time. You're not alone; many people don't fully know how bail bonds work. Here's an outline of the process so you're able to make a more informed decision. Keep reading to learn how bail bonds work for you and your loved one: 

1. What Is Bail?

Bail is an amount of money that a defendant must pay in order to be released from jail. In many cases, a bail amount is set quite high so that it's impossible for a defendant to pay it on their own. 

2. What Is a Bail Bond? 

A bail bond is an agreement that the defendant will pay a set amount of money in order to be released from jail. This is a type of surety bond. and it comes with conditions and restrictions. For example, an individual will pay a bond and they will also need to appear for their court dates in the future. 

3. How Does the Bail Bonds Process Work?

Most people don't have a large amount of money sitting around, so they rely on ball bonds services to help out. The good news is these companies can be very helpful and they make the process of posting bail simple. Here's what to expect during the process. 

First, the bail bonds company will ask for collateral. This might be personal property, a credit account, or real estate. The bail bonds company does this in the event that the defendant does not appear for their court date or follow the terms of the bail bond agreement.

Next, the individual will need to pay a fee for the bail bonds service. The bail bonds company will work up paperwork and start the bonds process. The individual will then sign all of the paperwork and make payment. Once everything is in order, the bail bondsman will post bail for the defendant. The defendant will then be released from jail. In some cases, the process can take 24–48 hours. 

If you're in a tough spot and don't want to watch your loved one sit behind bars until their next court date, reach out to a local bail bonds company. They can make the process less stressful and they make a financial situation less scary.