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Sudden Expense Solutions: Money Management 101

Two Closing Costs To Be Aware Of When Getting A Mortgage

by Travis Jordan

Are you finally ready to purchase a home? One of the things that you may have heard is that you need to save up money for a down payment and closing costs. While many people are familiar with the down payment aspect of buying a home, you may not know what exactly all those closing costs are. They are often associated with the mortgage, and will also need to be paid to close on the home and call it your own. Here are two of those fees you need to know about.

Appraisal Fee

Your mortgage lender is going to request an appraisal, which is when a neutral third party goes to the home and makes an evaluation of how much the home is worth. The mortgage lender then uses the appraisal to determine the limit to how much they will lend you for a mortgage since they do not want to lend more than what the home is worth. While appraisals are pretty standard in the home-buying process, you may not know that you need to pay for it. This is a cost that is paid for at the closing of the home, so you don't want to be caught off guard. 

Be aware that the appraisal can also impact how big of a down payment you need to provide. In order to hit those thresholds of a 20% down payment, be aware that it is 20% of the appraised value and not the purchase price if the appraised value ends up being high. This can result in needing to provide a large down payment to hit that 20% and receive the benefits it provides, such as no private mortgage insurance. 

Title Insurance

The purpose of title insurance is to protect you and the lender from any potential title disputes that can arise on the property after you purchase it. A title company will essentially research the property to find out if anybody has a claim to the home in one way or another. This could be due to a court judgment that was made against the previous owner, where the home was used as collateral. A title search also looks for back taxes that may be owed on the property.

Once the title search is finished, you can purchase title insurance. This gives you peace of mind since the title company will take on the responsibility if they don't find a problem with the property and someone comes after you as the new homeowner. A mortgage lender often requires title insurance because they will have a lien on the home until you pay off the mortgage.

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