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Sudden Expense Solutions: Money Management 101

3 Things to Know When Getting an Auto Loan to Buy a Vehicle

by Travis Jordan

If you need an auto loan to buy a new car, you can get one by visiting a car dealership. While you are there, you can purchase a car and get the loan all at the same place. Buying a car like this makes the process easier, but it can also be easier to overspend. Here are three things you should understand about auto loans to help you choose one that you can afford.

1. Dealers Often Quote Costs in Terms of Monthly Payment Amounts

The first thing to understand is that dealerships often quote the costs of buying a car in terms of the monthly payments you will have. For example, one car you like might cost $250 a month, while another one might be $300. Does this mean that the first car is more affordable than the second? It might be more affordable, or it might not be.

When dealers quote monthly payment amounts, they are providing you with one factor about the costs, which is the monthly payment amount. What you need to ask is how many months the loan is. If your payments are $250 a month, you might be able to afford this easier, but they might last for 72 months. The car with the $300 payments might be for only 48 months. Therefore, it is always wise to find out the number of months before you decide on a vehicle.

2. Ask for the Total Amount of the Purchase

Instead of basing your decision on the monthly payment amount, you should view all the factors of the purchase. An excellent way to do this is by asking for the total amount of the purchase. A dealer can add this up for you, and it will include the vehicle, financing costs, and fees. If you like two different cars, the dealer can give you a total for each one. You can then compare the two and choose the one that you prefer.

3. Find Out If There Are Deals

Finally, you can ask the dealership if there are any deals you could take advantage of. For example, some dealers provide 0% financing for brand-new cars. Most auto lenders also provide lower interest rates for shorter-term loans. If you ask questions about these things, you will find the best loan for your needs.

To learn more about your options, consider reaching out to local auto loan services.