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Sudden Expense Solutions: Money Management 101

Opening A Medical Practice? Two Reasons To Outsource Your Medical Billing & Collection

by Travis Jordan

As a physician, opening your own medical practice is one of the noblest things you could ever do. You now have the ability to create a place where patients can feel like they take center stage as you administer life-saving techniques that help people live longer, healthier lives. The medical know-how is there but you also have to think about the administrative aspect of the organization. Your practice will be a business and in order to remain profitable, you'll likely need to have a bustling medical billing and collections department. Rather than hire a team to work in-house, find out how beneficial it can be to outsource for your medical billing and collections needs.

When Cost Matters, Outsourcing Is The Way To Go

Founding any kind of business typically requires quite a bit of capital. You've had to secure a space and purchase all kinds of equipment to service your clients. There may not be much money left to finance a medical billing and collecting department, especially when you really think about what it takes to run it.

Ordinarily, you would need to purchase desks, computers, software, and many other devices in order for coders to be able to perform their medical billing tasks effectively. Also, infrastructure can frequently present a major hurdle. What if your building isn't large enough to accommodate much more than a waiting room and observation hubs for patients? You would then need to either renovate the facility or find a larger building just to bring more people onto the staff.

Outsourcing your medical billing and collection department provides the solution to many of these problems and much more. Your medical billing representatives will work at a distant location that is already outfitted with everything they need for the job.

Full Service Makes It Happen

An outsourced, full-service medical billing team is there to oversee the process from start to finish. Everything is handled for you: the claims are submitted, collections efforts are made, rejected claims receive follow-up, and self-pay patients are sent their invoices in a timely fashion. This frees you up to focus on doing what you do best: helping patients recover from their ailments or injuries and getting back to their normal lives.

There is no better feeling than knowing you have the support necessary to immerse yourself in your work. Partner up with an outsourced medical billing and collections service so you'll be ready to go on opening day.

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