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Sudden Expense Solutions: Money Management 101

Tips For Choosing A Company To Process Your Credit Card Payments

by Travis Jordan

As you prepare to open a new business or expand a current one, you might want to start accepting credit cards as a form of payment. People today do not carry cash like they once did. Instead, most people pay for things with credit or debit cards. If you want your customers to have this option, you will need to find a company to process your credit card payments. These companies offer card payment solutions, and here are some tips to help you select the right company for this important job.

Understand How It Works

First, it might be helpful for you to understand how credit card transactions work. When someone pays for something with a credit card, the merchant processes the transaction by inserting the card into a chip reader. This reader is called the payment gateway. This gateway sends a request to the person's bank, and the bank approves or denies it. For this to happen, you need a company to process these transactions. The company that does this works between your business and the banks that issue the credit cards people use to pay for their goods.

Compare the Fees

One of the best ways to choose a company to handle your card payment solutions is by reviewing the fee schedules. Every company charges fees for these services, but the fee schedules vary. There are certain fees that you cannot avoid, but there is one main fee you should compare. This fee is the processing fee.

A company that processes credit cards might charge a flat fee for each transaction. You might have to pay this fee even if the system declines a person's card. You can compare the flat fees that companies offer to see the differences. Some companies charge the fees based on a percentage of the sale prices. These are just a few ways that companies charge fees, but there are many other fee structures.

Find Out Which Cards They Process

One last thing you can do is look for a company that allows you to accept all major credit cards. Some processing companies do not accept and process all card types. Instead, they might only process specific ones. If this is the case, you would not be able to accept all forms of credit payments from your customers.

If you have questions about these services, contact a company that offers card payment solutions to learn more about the services they offer.